10 ways hiring Content Writers helps your business


Sumedha Vemuri


Content writing is one of the most crucial but often overlooked aspects of a business’s communication. A seasoned content writer can greatly influence the communication and outreach of a business, and by extension how it represents itself in the eyes of its customers.
In fact, many new businesses and startups which have flourishing business models and products fail when they fail to communicate effectively. Hiring content writers can make all the difference to an organization.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the different ways hiring a content writer can make a difference to your business.

1. Establishing your brand and business’s voice

Every business has a trademark style of communication based on their values, position in the market and the perception in the eyes of consumers. Some businesses are formal, some are young and funny, some are serious, some are elegant and some, charming.

A good content writer understands and establishes this tone in every piece of content and communication the brand releases.
This sets the brand’s reputation in public eye.

2. Communicating your brand’s values

In today’s day and age, loyalty and following are built among the millennial and Gen-z solution based on values and USP first, and product and services second.

Every business or brand has certain values that it puts first, as well as characterizes its USP and day-to-day operations. Which makes it even more imperative that every piece of content, communication that emerges from the business carries its tone of voice and makes some reference to its values and USP.

This makes it possible to first build a reputation online and then convert followers into customers one day.

3. Cater to the brand’s audience

It’s not just about you and your business.
Yes, read that again

It’s not about you and your business, but how your customers see you and your business in their lives. Your Target Audience based on their socio-demographic profiles will have certain tastes and expectations – meeting them, and communicating from their point of view is what brings your business customers.

Good content writers know exactly this – and often help brands by crafting relatable advertisement scripts and scenario based storytelling that makes the business and its products accessible and desirable to its customers. This is what makes hiring content writers valuable

4. Craft compelling headlines and copy

Online audience’ attention spans are reducing day-by-day. When television was first invented, people advised that good advertising has 3 seconds to make an impression. Today, the attention span is 0.3 seconds.
People don’t read anymore, they scan.

This is exactly where a good content writer comes in – by crafting compelling headlines and copy, a content writer knows how to capture attention in a matter of seconds even for a disinterested viewer.

He makes it possible to communicate what the content stands for, simply from headings and copy taglines alone. And that tells the viewer what he needs to know anyway.

5. Create interesting social media content

According to the latest studies since 2020, the average person with access to a digital device can spend up to 6 hours a day online. Of that time, between 3-4 hours is spent scrolling through social media alone.

Businesses worldwide have taken advantage of these free platforms to capture fresh audience globally. Naturally as any content creator can tell you, crafting content for social media takes skill. Knowing what platforms and their algorithms promote, creating compelling content that catches attention and invites engagement is a unique skill.

Hiring content writers mean having a team member who uses words well, and knows how to capture attention among the social media clutter.

6. Create long-form blogs and articles for the business

Businesses don’t just rely on social media, they sometimes have to draft blogs, articles, press-releases and more to communicate their story and activities to the public.
Blogs ensure that any topic that arouses curiosity in the public is explained in depth by the business.

Good content writers know how to harness the blog and article field well, ensuring they educate customers. As they know, a customer who is educated, builds trust.

7. Build an email marketing following

Emails are the personal interface of a business with a client. Therefore it is imperative to ensure their language is beautiful, the communication clear and the goal attractive.

Good content writers take the email marketing platform and convert it into a personal communication tool by the business, sharing information carefully and with clear CTAs that help customers reach out to the business eventually.

8. Create SEO centric website content

In the digital marketing sphere, half the skill of good marketing lies in clever SEO. Your business will benefit from content writing that can help its website pages rank high in search volumes without much expense. Content writers with an awareness of SEo are an invaluable resource. They know how to research and harness SEO trends among the region and audience the business is targeting.

With cleverly worded content that fills a website’s pages, they ensure that their articles are google-able and search friendly, such that search engines pick up their content and rank it high. The higher the rank, the easier for online audience to find it. Hiring content writers ensures your content is always personalized

9. Conceptualize advertisements

Content writers don’t just stick to long form content – in fact they often collaborate with creative agencies, designers and filmmakers to create concepts and write scripts for advertisements, films and more.
They know the audience the business has, and know how the product is positioned in their minds. Therefore, they use their skilled tone of voice to communicate effectively, advertising and popularising the business the way it matters. Eventually, filmmakers, designers and creative agencies build on the script crafted by the content writer to create the final advertisement. Whether it is a hoarding, print or even an ad film, content writers pave the way for all formats.

10. Build audience trust with reinforcement

Good content writers know the importance of diversification. When the brand’s offerings, values and USP are communicated across diverse platforms with tailormade content writing, it is useful to reinforce the message and cement the brand’s position in the TG’s minds.

By reinforcing messages directly and indirectly, they strengthen the brand and its position across all channels.


Hiring content writers can easily transform a business or brand’s reputation. They can decide the business’s positioning and give it a catchy tagline. They can communicate its values effectively. They can build the business’ reputation across multiple marketing channels. They also enable specialised communication when needed. Most importantly, they reinforce the brand and business’ position in the minds of customers,
That’s what makes content writers and content marketing invaluable for any business today.

In today’s day, there are numerous content writing jobs in Bangalore available, both in the field of digital marketing as well as traditional writing roles. Content writing courses are available as well, helping youngsters add this valuable skillset to their arsenal.

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