Introduction to Graphic design

In this article, we will look at what Graphic Design is, what a graphic designer does, where they study and learn, their skillsets, the scope they have in the market and how they help businesses thrive.  1. What is graphic design ? Graphic design is the art of visual communication, where through the use of […]

Introduction to Digital marketing

In this article, we will understand what Digital marketing is all about, and where people can learn this skill set, what it entails and how the industry demands and functions with it.   What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing harnesses the power of online tools to reach customers through multiple channels, based on where they spend […]

What is the key to successful online content

There are billions of content creators present around the world, diligently crafting content across multiple platforms in an effort to reach people, boost their businesses or for organizations to market themselves. However, have you ever wondered why some brands or creators manage to amass a huge following while others seem to fail despite occupying the […]


The Flipped Classroom is a teaching methodology that was first proposed in the 1950s in the USA, and is something that universities around the world are exploring in terms of their curriculum.  The pandemic has created a unique situation in which teachers globally have been forced to innovate and improve how they learn and teach. […]

Our Teaching & Learning experiments

  Introduction One of the main focal points of our work at Thinkering Labs is constantly improving the classroom learning experience of teaching and learning. The culture of experimentation and testing of those ideas in a real-life scenario is what guides us to improve on our work incrementally.  As we worked to conceptualize the courses […]

Content Writers – the key to Marketing in the digital age

We’re not exaggerating – a digital marketer without a content writer is like driving with your hand tied behind your back. You can’t go very far without one.  Why is that? One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is having the right content to amplify.  Digital marketers may or may not be content […]

How Video can transform your Social Media Content

Whether you’re a business, an individual, a blogger, an influencer or simply a content creator who loves posting online, you must have noticed the rise in video content in recent years.  Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. Today, over  63% of businesses have started using video content […]