Content Writers – the key to Marketing in the digital age


Sumedha Vemuri


We’re not exaggerating – a digital marketer without a content writer is like driving with your hand tied behind your back. You can’t go very far without one. 

Why is that?

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is having the right content to amplify. 

Digital marketers may or may not be content creators. But content writers and content creators are often the backbone of nearly every digital marketing endeavour. Good content is the key to self-sufficient wholesome marketing. In this article, let’s explore why. 


1. Writing Content that attracts the right audience

Content writers ensure that they knopw their business’s audience, and are therefore able to take the exact same piece of information and yet present it very differently to different audiences, 

They make it possible for the audience to get hooked, see value and educate themselves on what the business has to offer. Good content writers do this so skillfully that despite the information being repetitive, brands and businesses still see followers coming back to view their content. 

Content writing is the backbone of a business’s communication. 


2. Writing Good content that markets itself

Content writers ensure that what they are writing is appealing to the audience out there. They do this with a good understanding of trending topics, SEO, research and analysis. They back it up with impeccable writing skills, to craft content people want. 

The best part is, such optimized content often needs very little money to become popular online. In extreme cases, it even becomes VIRAL. 

And marketers can achieve their goals with minimal effort and spending. Without content writing, the alternative is expensive in online marketing


3. Communicating the brand’s story and ethos

Content writers have the ability to amplify something as simple as a couple of statements of values, into a brand’s background, story and ethos. 

That doesn’t mean they spin things out of thin air – often the hallmark of good content is authenticity – but they ensure that they dig out and communicate the story behind the brand in a way that audiences understand. Content writers use effective storytelling to make sure audiences are hooked effectively and long term. 

When audiences know where you come from and what you believe in, they have a stronger reason to follow, and eventually purchase from your business. 


4. Communicating products, services and USP, in 10 words or 10,000

Often, being able to convey the essence of a USP in few words or many is the need of the hour in marketing. This is the essence of virality of content. 

Digital marketing often involves a strategic plan involving multiple platforms and content formats. Some platforms require brevity while other platforms require verbosity. Being able to communicate at both ends of the spectrum effectively is a key skill that only good content writing can bring. 

Writing excellent marketable copy and building relatable content helps a digital marketer diversify in online advertising.


5. Copy, Catchphrase, jingle, tagline – making brands memorable

Regardless of the money pumped into a marketing campaign, very often, the effectiveness of the campaign rests on a cleverly worded copy, catchphrase tagline or jingle. 

These jingles are crafted to make the product or service appealing to customers, and stay in their memories much much longer. It helps cement a brand’s reputation. 

Some classic examples include Amul Butter’s Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul! , Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Kya Swaad hai, Zindagi mein!,  Pepsi’s Yeh Dil Maange More!, Ponds’ phrase Googly woogly woosh!, Thumbs Up’s Taste the Thunder and Amul’s “The Taste of India”

These phrases become the brand’s hallmark, and often form the cornerstone of its recognition online. They enable digital marketers to extend and diversify online advertising communication based on just a few catchy words. 


6. Making websites rank well and SEO searchable

Brands and businesses expend a lot of effort into making their websites, considering that they are the true face of the business. Hence it often becomes the skill of the content writer to ensure that the website’s content is characterised by both brevity as well as good SEO. They understand how people search for content online, understand the power of keywords and make sure the way they write pushes the website to the very first few pages of a search engine whenever needed. 

They use their writing skill to improve the organic search rankings of websites, saving a digital marketer millions in cost for online advertising



Content writers create concepts that form the central identity of any marketing campaign. With the clever use and creation of content, they ensure that not only does the business communicate effectively, but the digital marketer’s own efforts are often boosted in the most cost effective manner possible. They ensure that their work is diversified and catering to any platform necessary, making them invaluable in any Digital Marketing endeavour. 

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