How Video can transform your Social Media Content


Sumedha Vemuri


Whether you’re a business, an individual, a blogger, an influencer or simply a content creator who loves posting online, you must have noticed the rise in video content in recent years. 

Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there.

Today, over  63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. Out of those 82% of businesses feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy. Video is progressing rapidly and will reach new heights sooner than we think. 

Video was earlier perceived to be a format that only someone with specialized tools could harness. However, today many platforms have emerged exploiting the short video format and making it possible to easily create edit, and share videos publicly. 

That makes video one of the most used digital communication formats in the world. 

As a content creator, here are 9 reasons how video can help you as a Content Creator


1. Video = easy complete storytelling

Video is a platform that helps people narrate things step by step – this is true whether the video lasts 8 seconds or 3-4 minutes or even 1 -2 hours. 

In short, it is ideal for storytelling and narration. If you wish to make your point on any topic completely, video is one of the best formats to use, especially on Social Media 


2.  Video builds trust

Video is a visual platform that utilizes storytelling and works on its appeal to the audience. It has been observed that video content is more often believable than other formats – people have a natural tendency to believe video content.

 Take for example supposed CCTV content, behind the scenes content and even outrageous unrealistic films simply due to the power of the platform. This is what fuels news platforms as well. 

If you create video content and are good at video editing, odds are much better that it will be positively received and believed. 


3. Platforms are optimized to promote video

From Tiktok, to Facebook, Instagram (reels and IGTV) to the evergreen YouTube, Social Media platforms have all been optimised to make video content appealing.

 Platforms have noted that video content makes greater impact and have changed their algorithms to ensure they promote video.  Google also capitalizes on the vast amount of video content created online. 

This is highly encouraging for Social Media content creators who want their work to be discovered well and promoted easily. Besides, video editing for social media has never been easier thanks to the presence of multiple apps

4. Appealing to mobile users

Video as a content format is easily viewable and disseminated on mobile, making it very easy for mobile viewers to consume it. Due to mobile brands being upgraded day by day, it is possible to shoot, edit and create video on mobile itself! The format and the device are mutually compatible, ensuring its growth. 

As a content creator, being able to quickly and easily create video content using mobiles is a huge advantage on the go. There no need for an entire shoot and production team anymore. 


5. Easy to create, easy to edit and easy to share

Video creation and editing tools have evolved today. Tools vary from super simple filters on social media platforms, to apps that are free, to video editing tools of varying complexity, all the way to professional. 

Based on the kind of content you intend to create, there are countless tools available to make it possible.  

Video editing in order to create professional quality content is also a skill that can be learnt. Video editing for Social Media is a prized skill today. Learn video editing easily  – check out our Video Editing Bootcamp HERE


6. Good for explanation and details of products

Due to the storytelling format that video content supports, it is very easy to showcase and demonstrate new products, services and show their use and processes very clearly. 

Video content that is shot Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) has a lot of credibility and helps in making your process authentic in the eyes of the public. 


7. Majority audience prefer video to reading

Most people are visual – they prefer content formats that does not require their brains to work hard. That is one of the major reasons for video content’s success. 

With the right video editing tools and easily available filters online, it is possible to take a clip of footage and edit it to make it high quality, visually attractive and interesting for your audience. 


8. Live video broadcasts & behind the scenes – builds authenticity and trust

One of the things that are unique to video are Live broadcasts and Behind-The-Scenes content. Both give the public a glimpse of something they don’t know, educate and persuade to build trust and authenticity. They’re a powerful tool to connect with an online audience.

 Live Streams have the capacity to help audiences interact with the streamer simultaneously on social platforms, boosting its credibility and rich experience. 


9. Easily cropped and recycled into advertisements

Video footage and content is very versatile. Just by cropping, editing and making changes to it, it is possible for a single piece of footage to furnish content across multiple platforms – from reels to stories to youTube and more. 

This makes video content extremely useful and fertile for a content creator. Video editing becomes a crucial part of this exercise. As a content creator, maximising video for social media means knowing and learning video editing. 


As a social media content creator, video content has the ability to help you showcase your story in a variety of ways. By harnessing the filters, tools and options available on multiple platforms, a single piece of content has a larger more diverse life online. 

It also enables you to tell stories and be expressive in multiple ways. The tools and filters needed for good content are readily available, as are the means to learn them. The rise of quality cameras on mobile devices makes it possible for you to create content anytime and anywhere. 

It is possible to move from amateur content creation to professional, without difficulty. 

Ultimately, Video is an enduring and well liked content format that is likely to be around for years. Mastering it ensures your content is always unique and versatile. 

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