Introduction to Digital marketing


Sumedha Vemuri


In this article, we will understand what Digital marketing is all about, and where people can learn this skill set, what it entails and how the industry demands and functions with it. 

 What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing harnesses the power of online tools to reach customers through multiple channels, based on where they spend their time online, and aims to capture their interest and turn them into consumers. 

Digital marketing does everything traditional marketing does, but in an online environment, using a host of paid and free platforms and tools. 

Typically standard marketing involves the following: 
  • You/your  client has a product or service
  • Identify which group of possible audience you need to sell it to
  • Execute a plan to reach, convince and sell,
  • Convert audience into customers with every successful sale. 

 Is the target audience spending their time on social media? Are they spending time on various streaming platforms? Or do they frequently visit specific news/websites? Or do they listen to music and podcasts online?

Based on the target audience’s habits, it is possible to tailor make exactly where and how you should advertise to them. Through a series of targeted advertising strategies, it is possible to find and convert audience to customers.This is what Digital Marketing achieves.  If you want to learn Digital Marketing, now is the right time. 

How did digital marketing emerge?

Ever since the rise of the internet in the 90s, businesses have moved online, transforming their presence and services in the minds of a customer. Websites became crucial for businesses’ online presence. And then came the advent of social media and online shopping. 

Today, the average Indian spends over 5 hours on mobile, particularly social media, and over 6 hours 58 minutes on an average online. 

That is nearly one fourth of the 24 hour day.

That means, a business has to be present online to be able to garner customers and gain repute. 

It would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity this pool of audience presents. And that is what a digital marketer helps businesses and clients achieve. Digital Marketing courses are offered worldwide today, in many institutions and cities at varied levels of specialization

1. What are the advantages of using digital marketing?
  • Harnessing the time the public spends online. Ever since the pandemic, we have seen a massive transformation in how the world lives and works. Students have to rely increasingly on online education. Entire businesses and operations have shifted to working from home, which has increased the time people spend online by nearly 30%

Naturally, the time spent online has risen and is only expected to rise. This is the first advantage of digital marketing. 

  • Target your ideal and specific customer demographic as well as locations and present yourself on their platforms. 
    • When marketing online, service providers track the profiles and demographics of users, meaning companies can precisely target demographic groups and allow their ads to be seen by them. 
    • Companies that are in one location, can freely expand their customer base in other locations with targeted marketing. This allows for a greater chance to convert leads into customers. 
  • Digital marketing is more budget and return friendly  It has channels that are free, as well as channels that are paid
    • For many businesses, it is cheaper to begin by marketing online using free tools like social media, and build their audience and initial profits, and then move into paid platforms. 
    •  In paid channels, your success rate is measured per the number of clicks achieved. This makes it convenient for businesses to know exactly where their money is invested and its results. 
    • The audience you target either reach and engage with you, or follow you and return to buy your products eventually.
  • Competitors are already marketing themselves online, so the need of the hour is for a business to establish itself online. This allows businesses, both small and large, to compete more equally and aim to be seen. Digital Marketing relies not on the scale of the business but the effectiveness of the visibility of the business. 
2. What skills do digital marketers have?

When you learn Digital marketing, you  learn to handle a variety of platforms. Beginning from free platforms to paid ones, Digital Marketers help you manage your digital asset needs step by step. Their skillsets include

  • Customer research, strategy and planning
  • Campaign development and execution
  • Email & newsletter marketing 
  • Social media marketing on various platforms like Facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Google 
  • Content marketing 
  • Paid (advertisements on popular digital platforms) and Owned media (company’s own ads and assets)
  • Hygiene and Customer Relationship management (CRM)

Students learning Digital Marketing begin by understanding principles of online research, and learning tools and techniques to analyze and develop their research capabilities. They eventually learn how each kind of platform  works, and the principles behind the platforms and their functioning. Digital Marketing Courses aim to equip students will all these skills. 

Additionally, they learn to strategise and develop content for content that works always on, versus when a campaign is necessary. 

In India we have a massive percentage of people who are online to create and consume content, but not necessarily trained in digital skills, or market to an online audience. 

We also have a demographic of women, young mothers, stay-at-home individuals and more who are intelligent and capable, but lack the training needed to work professionally in this field. 

This skill gap can be bridged with the right tools and training.  Digital marketing offers flexibility to work remotely, making it ideal for most people with demanding daily life situations. 

Also, due to the limited pool of digital marketing professionals in the country, despite the growing job demand, we believe this career path is very lucrative for those who build this skillset. 

3. Where can you study Digital Marketing as a course?

Many management institutions offer certifications in Digital marketing as an add-on. Digital marketers often can be found on most recruiting and professional networks. They also offer their services to businesses on a consultancy basis as well. 

There are multiple institutions that supposedly offer training in Digital Marketing. 

Our institute’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp believes in the principle of work-integrated learning – taking lessons out of their theoretical mix and into practical doing, and giving them the opportunity to learn, grow and implement their lessons practically. 

When students see results in their work, they strengthen their skills and abilities gradually. See our students’ work and find out about the bootcamp

4. Where can a Digital Marketing professional build a career?

More than 40% of the jobs in the digital marketing sector come from the IT industry. In addition, “entrepreneurship is on the rise—a record-breaking 5.4 million new business applications were filed in 2021”  on Shopify, a platform that helps businesses set up online shops, as per their annual report. Not to mention the number of online content creators looking to become entrepreneurs and run their businesses. 

With so many new businesses launching and developing year on year, the job demand for digital marketers is very lucrative. 

Professionals are gaining up to 20-30% hike in their salaries by listing Digital marketing as a skill and can earn between 5 – 7 lakhs p.a if they work in the field full-time. 

Demand is only growing. What we lack is a pool of talent ready to take this on. 

6. How businesses and organizations benefit with Digital marketing?

Businesses benefit by having a digital marketer who is dedicated to growing the brand’s footprint online. By systematically building its reputation, reaching and targeting people and developing a market, even new businesses are slated to become profitable from the very beginning. 

  • Digital marketing ensures your business is publicly visible
  • It allows you to reach and target specific audiences
  • It builds your reputation online – and can reach a global audience. 
  • You get both engagement as well as customers – who can shop for your products online
  • Customers grow your business for you hrough online sharing
  • Startups and new businesses can compete neck-and-neck with large established organizations
  • Possible to reach consumers regardless of geographic restrictions

Digital marketing is low cost to start off with, but guarantees a return on investment to those who do it effectively. This ensures that they succeed online. 

New businesses need to know of this early on in order to become profitable. Established businesses, companies and brands on the other hand are often on their toes, ready to be fiercely competitive with every new entrant on the market. 

This understanding keeps even big businesses and IT giants always on the look out for fresh talent in the world of Digital marketing. This is what makes this field fertile for both professionals and the businesses intending to hire them. Some companies even promote employees who take up a digital marketing course to upskill themselves. 

7. Why a business will prioritize an employee with digital marketing skills

An employee who has taken the initiative to upskill himself and his abilities with the addition of a Digital Marketing skill set has demonstrated the kind of initiative organizations view positively. 

Organizations  value individuals who are multifaceted and can step in to perform roles that help them grow. An employee who doesn’t just deliver work results, but also knows how to communicate and market effectively, multiplies the value of the work he or she does for the organization. 

Such people  become prized members in their team and therefore, are easily a better choice for hiring. 


A certification in a  Digital Marketing course with the proof to back it up is a ticket to career growth.

You could be an employee for any business or be your own master by opening a consultancy and business of your own. 

You eventually help your customers and businesses to make the most of what they have and generate greater value for them.  In turn, you become valuable yourself, and can build your professional future smoothly. 

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