Introduction to Graphic design


Sumedha Vemuri


In this article, we will look at what Graphic Design is, what a graphic designer does, where they study and learn, their skillsets, the scope they have in the market and how they help businesses thrive. 

1. What is graphic design ?

Graphic design is the art of visual communication, where through the use of visual devices like images, color, form, media, text and typography, composition and metaphors, complex messages can be communicated in simple, elegant, attractive and engaging ways for the desired audience. 

  • Graphic design uses visuals to communicate messages to audience groups, as images reach people better.
  • Graphic design improves communication, to not only convey the message but also convince people and convert them. 


2. What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer is a visual communication expert. They try to create visual concepts using the information given to them, by mixing tools such as metaphor, imagery, typography, color, form and artwork. 

  • They try to simplify complex concepts into visuals everyone can understand
  • Through good design, they ensure that the main message is communicated to the intended audience
  • They ensure the communication is impactful, high standard and in line with the larger goals of their clients


Their work extends from print media (books, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, packaging and more) to digital media and user interfaces (websites, apps, branding). 

The presence of a graphic designer can transform how professionally your business represents itself to customers. Graphic design courses are available worldwide for those interested in this field. 

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3. What do they need to learn and where?

To learn graphic design, one has to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of design. They learn to empathise with their intended audiences in order to cater to them effectively. They then learn the art of using visual metaphors to communicate, and use a variety of tools and methods to achieve the required visual effects

Their learning includes

  • Visual research, understanding metaphors and conceptualization
  • Color, form, typography, structure, media
  • Composition, abstraction
  • Various softwares and tools needed to develop the required visuals
  • Work in different spheres – branding, advertising, print, digital & social media and more

A Graphic design course for beginners can be found at reputed national institutions and colleges, and courses found online as well. There are also many graphic design courses in bangalore. Our Graphic DEsign bootcamp is one such comprehensive training programme. Check it out here

There are also many smaller skill training programs that offer graphic design as a short course professionals can avail to upskill themselves. 

At Thinkering Labs, we run one such Graphic Design Bootcamp. In just 3 short months, our graduates are grounded in design theory, equipped with skills in design tools, and being taught in a work-integrated learning environment, are ready to apply, learn and grow on the job. 

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4. Where do graphic designers work?

Graphic Designers, owing to the nature of their work often can be found on most job portals, freelancing platforms as well as via social media. 

The key to hiring a graphic designer is to take a look at their portfolio, and identify if their work, skillsets and style are in line with the needs of your business

Owing to India’s vast entertainment and job market, as well as the need for every company to advertise and be present online, especially social and digital media, the Job market for graphic designers is equally lucrative.

Today, graphic designers are one of the most in-demand profession with the growth of the IT industry and allied services. More and more businesses, small and big, are investing in a graphic designer to boost how their business communicates with customers. In addition, with the growth of online media consumption especially due to the Pandemic, graphic designers have a huge role in the advertising industry as well and the demand is only growing. 

 In the beginning of their careers, skilled designers can earn between 3 to 6 lakhs p.a based on the organization hiring them, and progress within a few years to a pay scale of 8 lakhs and more. 


5. How businesses see graphic designers

Today, there is neither a company, small business nor large enterprise that does not believe in the power of graphic design.

In fact, startups now consider the presence of a graphic designer an investment for the company – as professionally created branding, website, social media and print communication and advertising helps them earn their reputation and bread and butter. 

Be it the logo and brand of your business, which will appear on the signage board outside, to a professional website and emailer, to brochures and advertisements on social media, a graphic designer can transform how your business is perceived, and help you gain attention and customers. 

Graphic designers simplify complex communication, create visuals, make information attractive and interesting to attract viewers and can therefore make it easy for companies and customers to come together. 


6. How graphic designers benefit startups, businesses and organizations

Many businesses have relied on the abilities of a graphic designer to market themselves and their products online. 

This reliance has increased during the pandemic, as many businesses have increasingly moved online, sold on online platforms, built their websites and advertised on social media. 

Startups work with graphic designers early – from creating a compelling pitch deck to get the interest of investors, to creating collaterals, a graphic designer puts visuals to the face of your business in public. 

Thanks to the work of a graphic designer, today, many businesses can

  • Have a personal branding that distinguishes them from competition, which helps them gain a customer’s trust. 
  • Build an attractive website
  • Send out branded communication advertisements online and offline
  • Create special branded retail environments for their stores
  • Work with a digital marketing expert to attract customers with seasonal promotions and campaigns
  • Reach customers easily on Social Media for free
  • Maintain a steady e-commerce presence

Graphic designers help businesses make their mark online in a memorable way. That is a major reason to invest in hiring a graphic designer to benefit their business. 

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