Who we are

We are a bunch of educators and creatives who are reinventing the learning experience.  We are relentless in experimenting to make learning faster, more effective, and outcome-oriented.


Srinidhi V

Seasoned educator & innovator  designing courses for modern-day learning

Founder’s Words 

Creativity cannot be taught but it can be cultivated and nurtured. If it could be taught, there would be many geniuses such as Ramanujan and Shakuntala Devi around us. We can always hope for creativity and critical thinking to unfold if we provide students with compelling reasons and an environment to create. Thinkering Labs makes every effort to create that atmosphere for our students to thrive in the creator economy.

Our team

Indu Ravi

Operations and Curriculum Designer

Hybrid designer currently building courses for international audience

Sumedha Vemuri

Sr. Designer and Creative Professional

Marketer and storyteller with 8+ years of diverse industry experience

Priyanka Reddy

Creative Writer and Content Strategist

Engineer turned writer with 2+ years of versatile writing experience

Teaching-Learning experiments

The core of our philosophy began through a series of teaching-learning experiments with students. 

From changing how they got their feedback to how they spent their time in class, we ensured an effective learning journey for students. Most importantly, we chose methods that helped students demonstrate their learning and progress the most effective way. 

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The teaching-learning experiments in detail

Philosophy 1: Learning-by-doing

Knowing is not learning. The proof of learning is the ability to apply the knowledge. Learning comes from doing and learning is complete only when you learnt to do it.  

All of our syllabus, assignments and training is tailored to get you learn from doing and create proof of your skill. 

Philosophy 2: Flipped Classroom

Classroom is not meant for teaching but for interactive learning. You learn on your own time, and do actual work in class. You spend your class time learning instead of listening. 

The result – the laborious lecture is replaced by student friendly learning resources they can watch in their own time. The class time is devoted to 1-on-1 guidance, hands-on learning, implementation and receiving feedback. 

Philosophy 3: Work-integrated Learning


In today’s world, the proof of a person’s capability lies in their ability to produce results. Hence, work-integrated learning. 

Work-integrated learning is an educational approach that combines academic learning with practical workforce skills.

An extension of the learn-by-doing philosophy, work-integrated learning enables students to practically apply the concepts they have learnt in a work environment. This can be small activities, paid projects or even internship opportunities, that students earn as they demonstrate their skills.


Philosophy 4: Gamified Learning

Learning must be fun and relevant. We want to put the fun, motivation and drive back into the learning process through gamified learning. 

Activity-Reward loop that the human brain relies on (Do something – get rewarded – become happy) is something that can be used to teach students as well! 

By gamifying the daily and weekly learning experience, students get rewarded for learning, demonstrating good skills, work ethic and showing results consistently, 

Philosophy 5: 1-on-1 Mentoring and Peer Learning

Learning happens best when the instructor or teacher is in a position to offer individual attention to students. 

For this reason, we keep our cohort small and make learning personalized to bring you success. Our intake is just 8 for each cohort to ensure that instructors have enough time to spend on each student and mentor them effectively. 

Our small cohorts are also conducive to peer learning – where you learn and teach your peers alongside you. This is a direct application of the Feynman method, and encourages student confidence in their newly learnt skills.

This way, our students remain fully engaged and interactive while learning.

Philosophy 6: Evidence-based Learning

All of our educational implementations are backed by research and evidence by scientists and psychologists worldwide. We took these lessons and implemented them in an Indian context, identifying what works in India, and eventually tailor making the course methodologies you see today. 

This is also the philosophy behind our experiments – see which approach delivers results, and why. And take the necessary steps to incorporate more of what gives students a great learning experience. 

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