Graphic Design - Associate Instructor

Position: Graphic Design – Associate Instructor 

Type: Full-time, flexible work hours

Salary: INR 7 LPA (up to 8% commission for delivered freelance projects)

We are Thinkering Labs. 

We offer short, intense bootcamp courses to equip students with employable digital skills such as Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Content Writing and Video Editing.

In this role, you have a chance to direct a work-integrated design course, coach hundreds of aspiring designers and audit projects before delivering them to the clients.

We value the time you spend interviewing with us. You will be paid INR 1000 for submitting the pre-hiring project given as part of the selection process whether you get selected or not.

Key responsibilities

  • Effectively teach students to learn and create superior design
  • Audit, review and provide feedback to meet design brief expectations
  • Self learn new tools and consistently refine your design style 

Key requirements 

  • 5+ years of experience in graphic design
  • Fundamentals of graphic design
  • Fundamentals of design for web & mobile using Figma, Adobe XD tools
  • Excellent oral, written and public speaking skills
  • Preferably professional qualification in design
  • A very strong portfolio demonstrating your graphic design skills
  • Application-based knowledge of Adobe tools such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • A lifelong learner with high integrity, low ego, and a mindset for challenging conventional wisdom and embracing creativity

Key learnings

  • Understanding course building including plan, design and creation
  • Latest evidence-based learning methodologies 
  • Mentoring hundreds of students for content creation 
  • Auditing and delivering client projects 
  • Building self-learning online courses for students

Your day-to-day work includes

  • Regularly updating graphic design course syllabus based on industry needs
  • Creating pre-recorded videos on ‘How to use Adobe Suite’
  • Evaluating, reviewing, and providing feedback on projects
  • Mentoring high-performing students to launch their design career 
  • Catering to in-house design needs


You have an opportunity to help college students gain in-demand skills and launch their careers.

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