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Digital Marketing Bootcamp

16 weeks 

INR 44500

Design collaboration

Graphic Design Bootcamp

16 weeks 

INR 44800

Blog writing-2

Content Writing Bootcamp

12 weeks 

INR 34500

Virtual interviews

Video Editing Bootcamp

6 weeks 

INR 35900

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Applied Digital Skills - a holistic course designed to build your skills in a digital age

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Applied Digital Skills – I

Learn Graphic Design, Digital Marketing with an elective 

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Elective I – Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Writing

Elective II – Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing

36 weeks 

INR 110000

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“The Applied Digital Skills (ADS) course has given me exposure to the real-world skills and helped launch my career. My learning before joining the course was limited to the undergraduate syllabus. The learning-by-doing approach has unlocked my creative imagination and added great value to my portfolio”.

Adithya V

“I highly recommend the Applied Digital Skills (ADS) course to all college students. The freedom to think, create, and question in the ADS class changed my fundamental relationship towards learning. I enjoy the practical assignments and interactive learning model”.

K G Soumya

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