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Learn to create the most popular digital media format  

Duration | 6 Weeks

Profession video making and editing | Multiple video formats creation | Basic animation, after effects, and special effects

Job guaranteed, or get your money back!* 

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A picture can speak a thousand words. A video can do more.


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Hands-on learning using multiple professional tools

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Assignments & projects to build skills & portfolio 

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Job guarantee with internship support

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What our students have to say

“The Applied Digital Skills (ADS) course has given me exposure to the real-world skills and helped launch my career. My learning before joining the course was limited to the undergraduate syllabus. The learning-by-doing approach has unlocked my creative imagination and added great value to my portfolio”.

Adithya V

“I highly recommend the Applied Digital Skills (ADS) course to all college students. The freedom to think, create, and question in the ADS class changed my fundamental relationship towards learning. I enjoy the practical assignments and interactive learning model”.

K G Soumya

“In my experience, ADS course is the bridge between theory and practice. I started applying classroom teaching to real work. It has helped me develop 21-st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, decision making, and complex information processing”.

Amith Vishnu

Our cohorts this year

We launch new cohorts every quarter of the year. Watch this space to join a cohort of your choice. 




Begins: June 2022

Ends: August 2022


Begins: September 2022

Ends: November 2022

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