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This course is for anyone who wants to...

Develop workplace skills to thrive anywhere

Write, publish, and establish an online presence

Build competence in over 5 career tracks

Cognitive development in multiple areas 

Build your own global network

Build and launch a startup

Course Overview

In a changing digital professional landscape develop the skills you need to tailor-make your career from across multiple disciplines in one place. This  course breaks traditional knowledge boundaries to give its real world skills. It enables them with the combination of knowledge , ability and exposure to tackle the demands of the modern digital economy. With us, learn what a textbook will never teach you.

We believe in...

Industry-focused Curriculum

Skill Development

Building your Personal Brand

How students transformed their learning...

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The 35% lecture model

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Skills B.Com/BBA student needs to boost their career

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Why is writing and publishing the golden ticket to launch your career

You learn a combination of...

  • Visual thinking
  • Visual design 
  • Video creation 
  • Personal branding 
  • Storytelling 


  • Digital marketing 
  • Personal branding 
  • Storytelling 
  • SEO writing
  • Content creation
  • Writing ( Copywriting) 
  • Professional Writing 
  • Personal creative workflow
  • Podcasting
  • Mental models 
  • Building web presence
  • Video creation 
  • Building a startup

Connect with our students...

What Students are Saying about ADS...

"The course is the bridge between theory and practice. Applying classroom teaching to real work helps us to develop skills like critical thinking, creativity, decision making and complex information processing that can’t be taught as a subject."
Amith Vishnu
"I highly recommend the ADS course to all college students. The freedom to think, create, and question in ADS class changes our fundamental relationship towards learning. I have never enjoyed learning and exploring ideas. The writing rituals at the course have helped me feel more connected to learning."
Sonia K Pushpan
"ADS has given me an exposure to real-world knowledge while in college. My learning before joining the course was limited to the undergraduate syllabus. But the learning by doing approach in course lets us take deep dives into topics beyond our syllabus."
Adithya V